Spring 2021 Seed Grant Recipients

YUCCA: Yielding Understanding through Community Capital Alignment

Elizabeth Castillo, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

A Novel Neuromodulatory Treatment for Stuttering

Ayoub Daliri, College of Health Solutions

Lay Understanding of Scientific Institutions 

Caitlin Drummond, School of Human Evolution and Social Change

Weight Reduction and Cognitive Health: A Pilot Study testing a Remotely Delivered, Mindful Eating Intervention Among Obese Mid-life Adults

Darith James, Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

The Syrian Refugee Panel Study on Political Integration

Narayani Lasala-Blanco, School of Politics and Global Studies

Persistence and Continuity of Cities and Settlements Through History: Lessons for Sustainability

Jose Lobo, School of Sustainability

Cultural Consensus Analysis and University-community Partnerships: An Analysis of Shared Beliefs and Partnership Outcomes

Mason Mathews, School of Geography and Urban Planning

Examining Cognitive Capacity and Oxygen Cost in Adults with Charcot-Marie Tooth

Edward Ofori, College of Health Solutions

A Framework to Measure Social and Economic Well-being from Smart Cities Infrastructure

Sarbeswar Praharaj, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

A Pilot Study of a Nature-based Playground Intervention on Children's Physical Activity and Heat Exposure

Allison Ross, College of Health Solutions

Mechanisms Mediating the Effect of Adolescent Social Stress on Alcohol Preferences: Analysis of Behavioral Self-regulation

Federico Sanabria, Department of Psychology

Assessing Physiological and Socio-psychological Heat Related Risk Perceptions and Behavior Among Phoenix Metropolitan Area Hikers

Floris Wardenaar, College of Health Solutions

Reimagining Incarceration: Racial Equity through Human Investment by the University

Kevin Wright, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Visual Attention and Perceived Crowding in Tourism Destinations Under the Impact of COVID-19: An Eye-tracking Study

Xiao Xiao, School of Community Resources and Development