Proposal Support FAQs

Q: Can a seed grant be used for conference travel?

A: No, conference travel will not be supported.  Please apply to your college or school for travel  funds.

Q: Does an NSF CAREER grant qualify as the external funding requirement for the ISSR seed grant program?

A: No, this type of grant does not qualifty for ISSR funding.

Q: Is my department required to provide matching funds if I receive an ISSR seed grant?

A: No, matching funds are not required for any seed grant.

Q:  Can Post Docs apply for ISSR Seed Funding?

A:  With dean and/or department approval, the ISSR will support post docs.  This will usually require a faculty member to be listed as the co-PI on the external grant.

Q: Can a graduate student apply for ISSR Seed Funding?

A: No, a graduate student cannot apply, however they can participate in the faculty research project

Q:  Can I use the seed grant to cover summer salary or a course buy out?

A:  No, the seed grant cannot be used for this purpose.  The funds can be used to hire an FA to teach your course with dean or departmental letter indicating approval.

Q:  Can two colleagues apply separately for the seed grant using the same proposal?

A: No, only one person can submit the proposal for a seed grant.  You may have as many co-pi's on the proposal as you want.  Proposals can only be funded once.

Q:  I am still in the process of identifying the best grant program for my project.  Can I still apply if I don't have a specific program targeted for the external grant?

A:  No, since the goal of the seed funds is to produce a fundable external grant, we require that you have a specific program or programs identified and consulted with before submitting your proposal.

Q:  Do I need to figure the 8.5% ASC fee into my budget outline and include it in  the total amount requested?

A: Yes, we will only fund what is in your budget, we do not add ASC to the amount requested.