Fall 2020 Seed Grant Recipients

Racial-ethnic Socialization and Critical Racial consciousness in Multiracial Families

Annabelle Atkin, The Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics

A Pilot Study of the Consumer-based Meditation App, Calm, for Psychological Distress, Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Cancer Patients

Nishat Bhuiyan, College of Health Solutions

Uncivil Society and Radical Right Voting: The Case of Portland

Lenka Bustikova-Siroky, School of Politics and Global Studies

Understanding Rebel Appeal: Ideology and Governance in Syria

Anand Gopal, School of Politics and Global Studies

A Cross-sectional Survey Assessing Perceived Stress, Everyday Discrimination, Social Support, and the Use and Interest in mHealth Delivered Mindfulness-based Practices in Racial/Ethnic Minorities

Jennifer Green, College of Health Solutions

50 States of COVID19 Reality: Information, Misinformation, and the Efficacy of State Interventions

Yushin Kim, School of Public Affairs

A Pilot Study to Develop a Survey Measure of Technology-facilitated Abuse for an NIJ Proposed Study

Lauren Reed, Megan Lindsay Brown, School of Social Work

Improving Police Officer Decision-Making Under Stress

Nicole Roberts, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Explicating Family Processes to Support Diabetes Prevention in Latino Families

Gabriel Shaibi, Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation