Fall 2016 Seed Grant Recipients

Fall 2016 Seed Grant Recipients

Making informed choices about public engagement in science and technology policy

Dr. Michael Bernstein, Postdoctoral Research Associate, School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Hours Worked in Europe and the US

Dr. Alexander Bick, Assistant Professor,  W. P. Carey, Economics

Collaborative Research: Livelihoods in Indigenous Communities: Household Economies and Networks (LICHEN)

Dr. Shauna BurnSilver, Assistant Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change

Feasibility, Acceptability and Preliminary Efficacy of a Computer-Tailored Intervention to Promote HPV Vaccination in Uninsured and Underinsured Families

Dr. Angela Chen, Associate Professor, Nursing & Health Innovation

Creative Placemaking as Ambiguous Work: Role and Jurisdictional Challenges in Cross-Sector Collaborations

Dr. Alexandre Frenette, Postdoctoral Scholar, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Using Behavioral Economics to Increase Comprehension and Knowledge of the Risks and Benefits of Living Organ Donation

Dr. Ellen Green, Assistant Professor, School of Science of Health Care Delivery

Feasibility of a Mobile App to Improve Physical Activity and Reduce Sedentary Behavior in Pregnant Women

Dr. Jennifer Huberty, Associate Professor,  Nutrition and Health Promotion: Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Understanding the Dynamics of Scientific and Technological Innovation

Dr. Manfred Laubichler, President's Professor, School of Life Sciences, Center for Biosocial Complex Systems

Heal, Exercise & Recover (HER): Initial Pilot Study to Examine the Feasibility of a Novel Intervention for Women with Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Natasha Mendoza, Assistant Professor,  School of Social Work

Urbanization in South Asia and Its Impact on Climate and Carbon Release

Dr. Soe Myint, Associate Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

Earliest Interventions for Infants at Genetic Risk for Severe Speech Sound Disorder

Dr. Beate Peter, Assistant Professor, Health Solutions: Center for Speech and Hearing Science

The Influence of Maternal Diet and Neonatal Feeding Practices on In Utero and Postnatal Adiposity Among Diverse Pregnant Adolescents

Dr. Elizabeth Refsnider,  Associate Dean and Professor, Nursing and Health Innovation

Forms Influence on Message Content and Effect: Formalist Analysis of Extremist Videos

Dr. Scott Ruston, Assistant Research Professor, Communication, Center for Strategic Communication

Estimation of Welfare in Networked Markets

Dr. Gregory Veramendi, Assistant Professor,  W. P. Carey, Economics

The Forgiveness Tree Project: Cultivating Character through the Boys and Girls Club

Dr. Vincent Waldron, Professor, Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences New College