Spring 2020 Seed Grant Recipients

Intimate partner victimization among multiracial individuals: Understanding the intersections of abuse type, lethality risk, and identity-related abuse

Millan AbiNader - School of Social Work

Sustainable sourcing of critical minerals for low-carbon technologies: Telecoupling between local impacts and global actions

Buyung Agusdinata - School of Sustainability

Coordination as an emergent multiscale phenomenon

Polemnia Amazeen - Department of Psychology

Mapping traditional ecological knowledge: Cultural resiliency and sustainable land use among the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana (jointly funded with the Institute for Humanities Research)

Denise Bates - College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Understanding factors that influence environmental conservation support and behaviors among Chinese visitors to Kenyan Parks and protected areas

Megha Budruk - School of Community Resources and Development

Productively managing students' epistemic uncertainty to develop collective knowledge in argumentative science classrooms

Ying-Chih Chen - Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Assessing the emerging geographies of south-south cooperation in sustainable energy and its socio-environmental impacts

Ding Fei - School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

Leveraging collaborative in-class learning exercises (CICLEs) to promote a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology

Carla Firetto - Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Networks and isolation: A feasibility study for ego-centric social network data collection among community-based older adults

Aaron Guest - Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Women's pursuit of undergraduate engineering degrees in Eastern Africa: Exploring higher education retention in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda

Meseret Hailu - Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Prolonged nightly fasting in older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI): A pilot study exploring changes in neurocognitive function

Dara James - Edison College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Understanding how elected local officials make decisions: Interpretation and responsibility attribution among elected officials

Ulrich Jensen - School of Public Affairs

Misinformation and political unrest: An investigation of rumor diffusion online and offline during the 2019 Hong Kong protests

Hazel Kwon - Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

WaterSim America: implementing a transactional design approach to the development of an informal STEM WaterSim game to ensure the mindful engagement of the public about water systems and drought

Claire Lauer - College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Using training to enhance spectral resolution with cochlear implants

Xin Luo - College of Health Solutions

Neural impact of the comorbidity of HIV/AIDS and cocaine use disorders

Janet Neisewander - School of Life Sciences

Ambulatory care sensitive conditions and food insecurity among individuals living with chronic diseases

Chinedum Ojinnaka - College of Health Solutions

Mexican ceramics and society: Gender, household identity, and indigenous craft continuities in Chiapas (jointly funded with the Institute for Humanities Research)

Joel Palka - School of Human Evolution and Social Change

Coronavirus (COVID-19): How can nurses prepare for patient care and protect their own health?

Elizabeth Reifsnider - Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

A pilot study of the Associations between chemotherapy-induced nausea in breast cancer patients and gut microbiome composition profiles

Komal Singh - Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Art as government change agent: A pilot study of municipal artist partnerships (jointly funded with the Institute for Humanities Research)

Johanna Taylor - Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Putting second chances to work: Increasing the employment prospects for the women of Perryville

Kevin Wright - School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Housing assistance to formerly incarcerated men: A randomized control trial of the effects of housing, employment, and recidivism

Jacob Young - School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Towards an understanding of the neural basis of communication sound perception

Yi Zhou