Survey Research

ISSR does not conduct surveys or provide support for surveys. ASU researchers who need pilot data on a specific topic can apply to the Survey Center at the University of Florida for up to 5 minutes of time on their monthly survey of Florida. Applicants whose questions are selected for the survey receive 500 completes, at no cost, plus all the demographic data. Questions can be about any topic. In return, researchers are asked to produce a 3-page report of their findings that will be posted to the Survey  Center’s web site. You may e-mail Dr. Christopher McCarty at  for more information about this.


Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO)

Sample Survey Centers

There are many not-for-profit research outfits across the United States. Most, but not all of them, are university based. Below are the web addresses for a few of them.

Indiana University Center for Survey Research 

Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Florida

Social and Economic Sciences Research Center, Washington State University

Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center

Institute for Survey Research, Temple University

Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

NORC at the University of Chicago

Marist Poll

Survey Research Institute, Cornell University

RTI International

Survey Research Laboratory, Kent State University

Survey Research Laboratory, Kent State University