Fall 2017 Seed Grant Awards

Telecoupling assessment of environmental and social wellbeing impacts from lithium mining in South America

Buyung Agusdinata, Assistant Professor, School of Sustainability

Water, people and health: identifying the linkages between human behavior, infrastructure management, climate variability and gastrointestinal diseases in a megacity

Andres Baeza, Post Doc, School of Sustainability

Investigating the drivers and impacts of cities 100% renewable energy pledges

Hanna Breetz, Assitant Professor, School of Sustainability

Acceptability and feasibility of examining the impact of food insecurity interventions using mobile-EMA with low income mothers

Meg Bruening, Assistant Professor, College of Health Solutions

Supporting teachers pedagogical content knowledge PCK of argumentation in middle school science classrooms

Ying-Chih Chen, Assistant Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Young mens coercive condom use resistance; individual and contextual factors

Kelly Davis, Associate Professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation

The role of social and electronic media (SEM) in intimate partner violence among teens and young adults

Alesha Durfee, Associate Professor, School of Social Transformation

Exploring the role of the pharmacist in HPV vaccine series completion

Alexis Koskan, Assistant Professor, College of Health Solutions

Public high school physical activity facility use during non school hours

Pamela Kulinna, Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Different fat, different meanings; an affordance-mangement approach to fat stigma

Steven Neuberg, Foundation Professor, Department of Psychology

Understanding effective behavioral health integration (BHI) practices for chronic pain and opiod prescribing

Pooja Paode, Professor, College of Health Solutions

Markers of early atherosclerotic progression in insomnia

Megan Petrov, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Under your skin: physical features of inclusion and exclusion experiences

Allsia (Giac-Thao) Tran, Assistant Professor, College of Integrated Sciences and Arts

The network effects of job search assistance

Gregory Veramendi, Assistant Professor, W. P. Carey School of Business

The new era of Mexican return migration: resettlement, reincorporation and new forms of transnationalism

Alissa Ruth, Academic Professor,  Emir Estrada, Assistant Professor, School of Human Evolution and Social Change