Fall 2018 Seed Grant Recipients

A Socio-legal Biography of Nanotechnologies, 1994-2014

Michael Bennett, School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Engaging College Students in Analyzing Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Messages on YouTube and Developing Public Health Education

Angela Chen, College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Inclusive Innovation in the Age of Big Data and the Internet of Things

Pauline Cheong, The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Spirituality in Wellness Tourism: Designing a Healthy Body Mind System Model

Deepak Chhabra, School of Community Resources and Development

Understanding Spatial Variability in Household Power Failure: A Case Study Comparison Across US Cities

David Hondula, School of Geography and Urban Planning

Sustainability of Subsistence Pastoralism in the African and Asia Drylands: The Mobility-land-livelihood Nexus

Liao Chuan, School of Sustainability

Neuroscience of Music

Michael McBeath, Department of Psychology

Advancing Methods to Assess Individual-level Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure During Physical Activity

Jennifer Vanos, School of Sustainability