ISSR Fall 2015

poster winner issr 2015 social science competition

Winners of the Graduate Student Poster Competition!

From Left to Right:

First Place: Stephen Walenchock; Second Place: Katherine P. Jones; Third Place : Jessica Rothwell;  ISSR Director Russell Bernard; First Place - Category 2 (tied) : Joanna Merson & Patrick McGurrin;  ISSR Associate Director & Dean, School of Social Sciences, Elizabeth Wentz.

Category 1 Winners

First Place

Stephen Walenchock

Greater than Parallel: Distinguishing features can be combined for efficient object identification in dual-target search

Second Place

Katherine P. Jones

Evidence Against the Phenomenon of Hemispheric Lateralization in Categorical Perception

Third Place

Jessica Rothwell

Intentional Cranial Vault Modification and the Biomechanics of Head Balance

Category 2 Winners

First Place (tied)

Joanna Merson

Beyond Speed and Accuracy, Let's Focus on Engagement and Memorability: A New Framework for Evaluating Cartographic Animations

First Place (tied)

Patrick McGurrin

Expanding the Scope of Human Factors in Upper-limb Prosthetic Technology