Fall 2023 Graduate Student Poster Contest!


Graduate Students at ASU: Are you Doing Social Science?

"Anyone studying the causes or consequences of human thought and behavior is doing social science".

 —H. Russell Bernard - Director, Institute for Social Science Research, ASU

We Want to Hear From You!

The Institute for Social Science Research invites graduate students who are doing social science research to participate in a poster contest. This contest is open to all graduate students who are doing social science research in any field and on any campus at ASU. 

Posters may report on planned research, on completed research, or on research that is underway.

Proposed Category - a research project in progress, or in a preliminary stage, that does NOT have the results of data analysis to present.

Completed Category - Any research project that has results from analyzed data to present (even if you intend to continue further with the project). If you are presenting the results of data analysis then your poster should be in the completed category.

Prizes will be awarded in BOTH categories.

ISSR encourages students to consult with their faculty mentors and/or program directors for guidance and approval of poster before submission.  

For collaborative research, all research collaborators must be consulted before a poster is proposed. For co-authored posters, all co-authors must approve the poster abstract before it is submitted.  ISSR encourages faculty mentors to provide students with written co-authorship guidelines produced by relevant professional societies, journals, or lab groups as part of their research education.

Abstracts - Abstract submission is the first step to enter the poster contest.  Abstracts must be 300 words or less and describe your social science research project.  You will be notified of acceptance to the contest via email and sent additional information for your poster submission.

Only one submission per student is accepted. 

Judging Criteria:

  • Is it a compelling research question, supported by literature and citations?
  • Is the poster visually interesting, understandable to the reader, and with a good, clear argument flow?
  • Is the research rigorous, with a complete and well-justified research design (sample, data collection, analysis)?
  • Poster size: Digital 1920 X 1080 pixel size, PowerPoint 16:9 ratio, Printed Poster maximum 3' X 4' (smaller is fine) - Students are responsible for printing their own posters

Important Dates - Spring 24 to be announced

Students (or a representative) must be present at the in person gallery to be eligible for prizes

AWARDS: (2) $1200.00 First Prize, (2) $1000.00 Second Prize, (2) $800.00 Third Prize (6) $400.00 Honorary Mention

Email submissions will not be accepted.  Please contact support@submittable.com  if you are experiencing any issues with your Submittable account.