About Us

Welcome to the ISSR web site

ISSR has two major objectives: 1. To advance the research mission of the social sciences at Arizona State University; and 2. To help students and faculty develop the research skills needed in today’s world.

Many of the big problems today—from tracking the outbreak of diseases, to managing scarce water resources, to understanding the impact of new technologies—require collaboration across the medical sciences, the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences, and engineering. ASU’s emphasis on collaborative work across disciplines is exactly what’s needed to understand these complex problems and to develop solutions.

To achieve these goals, ISSR has four initiatives: (1) support for faculty and post-docs to prepare proposals for public and private funding agencies; (2) support for workshops and lectures on specific research methods; (3) support for faculty to develop courses on research methods; and (4) opportunities for students, both undergraduate and graduate, to obtain certification in social science research methods. 

Click HERE for more about seed grants.

Click HERE for more about our support for workshops and speakers and click HERE for information on developing online courses on research methods. 

We look forward to collaborating with social researchers across ASU, wherever they are working – in business, in nursing, in arts and sciences, in computer science -- on the development of ideas for research and for training in research methods. 

H. Russell Bernard