Undergraduate Courses

Sample List of ASU Undergraduate Courses on Social Science Methods 

ACO 100. All About Data: Design, Query, Visualization

ACT 435  Statistics for Risk Modeling

ACT 450  Actuarial Models 1

ALA 235  Intro to Computer Modeling

AML 253, SOS 210 or 294. Introduction to Mathematical Tools and Modeling for the Life and Social Sciences

ASB 430,[CPI 430], or AML 330. Social Simulation.

AML 441 Mathematical Concepts and Tools in Sustainability.

APM 522 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equation

ASM 424 SOS 424, BIO 424, ASM 424. Dynamic Modeling in Social and Ecological Systems

ASM 424 BIO 424, SOS 424. Dynamic Modeling in Social and Ecological Systems

ASM 494  Topic: Models in Social Evolution

BME 301 Numerical Methods in BME 

BMI 211. Modeling Biomedical Decisions

BMI 311. Modeling Biomedical Knowledge

BMI 312. Modeling Biomedical Data

BMI 461. Advanced Topics in Biomedical Informatics I

BMI 462. Advanced Topics In Biomedical Informatics II

CDE 498  Multivariate Statistics 

COM 308. Advanced Research Methods in Communication

COM 407 Advanced Critical Methods in Communication (qual)

CRJ 303. Statistical Analysis

ECN 410. Applied Regression Analysis and Forecasting

ECN 416. Game Theory and Economic Behavior

EDP 454. Statistical Data Analysis in Education

FAS 361 Research Methods

FAS 498  Topic: Advanced Statistics for Social Sciences

GCU 351. Population Geography

GCU 496. Geographic Research Methods

GIS 311. Geographic Information Science II

GIS 321. Programming Principles in GIS

GIS 322. Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms

GIS 461. Optimization Fundamentals for Spatial Analysis

GIS 462. Location Analysis and Modeling

GIS 470. Statistics for Geographers

GIS 471. Geographic Information Analysis

GIS 472. Spatial Regression Analysis

GIS 494  Multivariate Statistics

GPH 494  Topic: Advanced Digital Analysis

HSE 290 Exp Method Human Systems Research

HSE 390 Qualitative Research Methods

IFT 200  Info Model, Store & Retrieval

IFT 333 Big Data Tools & Practices

MKT 352. Marketing Research

POS 401. Political Statistics

PUP 482. Location Analysis and Modeling

PSY 330. Statistical Methods

SBS 389 (LAB). Ethnographic Field Lab

SBS 302 Qualitative Methods

SBS 404. Social Statistics II: Multivariate Analysis

SOC 433  Applied Demography

SOS 211. Calculus and Probability for the Life and Social Sciences

SOS 424. Dynamic Modeling in Social and Ecological Systems ASM 424, BIO 424, SOS 424

SOS 441. Mathematical Concepts and Tools in Sustainability AML 441, [494], SOS 441, [494]

STP 280  Probability Statistics Research

STP 310. Design and Analysis of Experiments

STP 311. Regression and Time Series Analyses

STP 420. Introductory Applied Statistics

STP 421  Probability

STP 425  Stochastic Processes

STP 429. Experimental Statistics

STP 450. Nonparametric Statistics

STP 452. Multivariate Statistics

STP 460. Categorical Data Analysis

TWC 301. Fundamentals of Writing for Digital Media

TWC 411. Principals of Visual Communication