Social Science Research Methods (Certificate)

This certificate program prepares students to acquire, manage and analyze a broad range of data on human thought and human behavior. Data can be qualitative (e.g., text, images, sound) or quantitative (e.g., direct observation, surveys, GIS). Data acquisition skills may include the downloading and managing of information from online sources or the primary collection of data in surveys or by direct observation. A key feature of this program is a focus on data analysis so that students will be able to analyze any data they collect. All students in this program will demonstrate skills in statistical analysis plus skills in a selection of methods related to their interests.

Degree Offered

Social Science Research Methods (Certificate)
Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of


Major Map

A major map outlines the degree’s requirements for graduation.

Application Requirements

Any student at ASU, at any school, in any major, can apply to the Undergraduate Certificate in Social Science Research Methods.  Please see the advisor assigned to you (in your major) to sign up for the certificate.

An undergraduate certificate is a programmatic or linked series of courses from a single field or one that crosses disciplinary boundaries and may be free-standing or affiliated with a degree program. The certificate provides a structured and focused set of courses that can be used to enhance a student's baccalaureate experience or professional development.

Program requirements:

  • Minimum of 15 semester hours of which at least 12 semester hours must be upper division
  • Requires a minimum grade of "C" or better for all upper division courses
  • Consists of courses that must directly relate in whole or large part to the purpose of the certificate.   Example: Geographic area certificates must include only courses specific to the title of the certificate, other than a non-English language
  • Capstone Experience, ASB 499 Individualized Instruction or Equivelent Capstone Course (3 credit hours)
  • Total minimum credit hours required for certificate, 18 credit hours

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All students are required to meet general university admission requirements.

Affording College

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Financial Aid
ASU has many financial aid options. Almost everyone, regardless of income, can qualify for some form of financial aid. In fact, more than 70 percent of all ASU students receive some form of financial assistance every year.

Admission to the certificate is open to any major and postbaccalaureate students are also welcome to apply. All students must meet university admission requirements.