Graduate Courses

Sample Plans of Study (iPOS)for varied degree concentrations HERE

Sample List of ASU Graduate-level Courses on Social Science Methods 

School of Geographical Studies and Urban Planning Courses (GIS/PUP)

GCU 542          Geographical Analysis of Transportation        

GCU 585          Geographic Research Design and Proposal Writing      

GIS 501            GeoDesign in Practice

GIS 521            Geographic Information Science III      

GIS 561            Optimization Fundamentals for Spatial Analysis           

GIS 562            Location Analysis and Modeling           

PUP 571          Socio-Economic Impact Analysis          

PUP 573          Survey Research and Multivariate Statistics                 

PUP 579          Qualitative Research               

PUP 582          Location Analysis and Modeling                   

PUP 642          Urban and Regional Economic Analysis    

PUP 598          Qualitative Research Methods           

School of Human Evolution and Social Change

AML 540         Statistical Modeling for Sustainability    

AML 541         Mathematical Concepts and Tools in Sustainability   

AML 591         Modeling with Game Theory

AML 610         Topics in Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences                                   

AML 612         Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences  Modeling Seminar

ASB 500          Ethnographics Methods  

ASB 568          Intrasite Research Strategies                              

ASM 465         Quantification and Analysis for Anthropologists                                                         

ASM 520         Agent-Based Modeling              

ASM 568         GIS and Spatial Technologies in Anthropological Research   

ASM  424-591 Dynamic  Modeling in Social and Ecological Systems   

Department of Psychology

PSY 532          Analysis of Multivariate Data

PSY 533          Structural Equation Modeling              

PSY 534          Psychometric Methods           

PSY 536          Statistical Methods in Prevention Research                 

PSY 537          Longitudinal Growth Modeling                        

PSY 538          Advanced Structural Equation Modeling                      

PSY 539          Multilevel Models for Psychological Research             

PSY 540          Missing Data Analysis

PSY 554          Item Response Theory            

PSY 555          Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research   

PSY 561          Methods in Applied Psychology                      

PSY 562          Advanced Human Factors                    

PSY 576          Dynamical Systems in Psychology

PSY 531          Multiple Regression in Psychological Research                 

The Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics

CDE 591           Advanced Bayesian Analysis

CDE 591           Bayesian Analysis

CDE 591           Exporatory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

CDE 591           Structural Equation Modeling with Longitudinal Data

CDE 591           Introduction to Measurement in the Social Sciences

CDE 598           ANOVA for Behavioral Scientists

CDE 598           Latent Growth and Mixture Models with Longitudinal Data

FAS 505           Applied Regression Analysis      

FAS 507           Categorical Data Analysis         

FAS 508           Structural Equation Analysis for the Social Sciences                                          

FAS 509           Event History Analysis   

FAS 510           Basyesian Analyses in the Social Sciences          

FAS 512           Secondary Data Anlysis

FAS 598           Advanced Regression Techniques

SOC 505          Applied Regression Analysis    

SOC 507          Categorical Data Analysis                   

SOC 508          Structural Equation Analysis for the Social Sciences      

SOC 509          Event History Analysis  

SOC 510          Bayesian Analyses in the Social Sciences                       

SOC 512          Secondary Data Analysis           

SOC 533          Demographic Methods  

SOC 598          Advanced Regression Techniques            

SOS 541          Mathematical Concepts and Tools in Sustainability                 

SOS 542          Sustainability Indicators

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

School of Community Resources and Development

CRD 502         Statistical and Data Analysis     

CRD 620         Community Research Methods    

NLM 530        Program Evaluation and Information Management

NLM 565        Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

CRJ 503          Research Methods

CRJ 504          Statistical Tools for Criminology and Criminal Justice     

CRJ 511          Applied Data Analysis in Criminal Justice         

CRJ 534          Program Evaluation in Criminal Justice                                              

CRJ 603          Advanced Research Design        

CRJ 604          Advanced Statistical Analysis              

CRJ 605          Topics in Quantitative Methods            

CRJ 613          Qualitative Methods

School of Public Affairs

PAF 501          Public Service Research I                    

PAF 502          Public Service Research II                  

PAF 541          Program Evaluation  

PAF 573          Applied Econometrics

PAF 591          Policy Studio: Evaluation, Design, and Development    

School of Social Transformation

SST 691:         Mixed Methods for Social Science Research

School of Social Work

SWG 519        Research Methods in Social Work

SWG 718        Qualitative Research Methods

SWG 719        Quantitative Research Methods

SWG 721        Statistics                              

WP Carey School of Business

ECN 525          Applied Regression Models                  

ECN 527          Categorical Data Analysis         

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

EDP 502          Introduction to Data Analysis                         

EDP 503          Introduction to Qualitative Research   

EDP 552          Multiple Regression and Correlation Methods 

EDP 554          Analysis-of-Variance Methods              

EDP 651          Methods and Practices of Qualitative Research                       

EDP 652          Multivariate Procedures for Data Analysis                  

EDP 654          Structural Equation Modeling in Educational Research

EDP 691          Advanced Topics in Item Response Theory

EDP 691          Intro to Item Response Theory

School of Nutrition and Health Promotion

EXW 643         Correlation/Regression Multivariate

EXW 645         Advanced Applied Methods and Data Analysis

EXW 701         Advanced Research Methods II          

College of Nursing and Health Innovation

NUR 608         Qualitative Research Design and Methods                   

NUR 609         Quantitative Research Design and Methods                             

NUR 612         Advanced Analysis of Variance: Design and Analysis of Experiment     

NUR 615         Qualitative Data Management Seminar                       

NUR 616         Community-Based Participatory Research                  

NUR 617         Foundational Concepts in Science and Statistics                                       

School of Politics and Global Studies

POS 601          Advanced Experimental Research                   

POS 603          Polimetrics I                                       

POS 604          Polimetrics II              

POS 605          Polimetrics III                        

POS 606          Qualitative and Textual Analysis                     

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

STP 530          Applied Regression Analysis

STP 531          Applied Analysis of Variance    

STP 532          Applied Nonparametric Statistics                    

STP 533          Applied Multivariate Analysis            

STP 535          Applied Sampling Methodology    

STP 598          Causal Inference

STP 598          Bayesian Statistics

Human Communication, The Hugh Downs School

COM 507       Qualitative Research Methods in Communication

COM 608       Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Data in Communication

COM 609       Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Communication

COM 692       Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis

School of Human Systems Engineering

SMC 541      Foundations of Simulation & Modeling

School of Sustainability

SOS 591       Topics in Ecological Modeling

SOS 540       Statistical Mondeling

College of Letters & Sciences

TWC 414, 494, 514, 598     Visualizing Data Information

New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

WST 598       Qualitative Methods: Interviewing

School for the Future of Innovation in Society

HSD 500     Casey Study Research: Design and Methods